Casio DW6900: The Gold Standard for Durable Time-Keeping

Casio DW6900

Casio Men’s DW6900-1V G-Shock Classic Digital Watch on Amazon.

The Casio DW6900 is a classic G-Shock watch, with Casio’s most popular case design, loaded with all of the great features you would expect from the rugged G-Shock line.

With a mineral dial and Casio’s legendary triple protection design for the parts, module and case, the Casio DW6900 is built with ultimate toughness in mind. This is the same watch used by US Special Forces. It has survived extensive battle testing and is commonly worn by astronauts, firefighters and police officers. With that kind of pedigree you know the watch will be able to handle your toughest work and action sport environments.

The legendary G-Shock protection combined with the simple styling of DW6900 is what ultimately convinced me to buy the watch. I’ve had the Dw6900 for over a year now and I would like to offer my impressions:


As you would assume from it’s stellar reputation, the DW6900 is very well constructed of solid impact resistant plastic resin. The watch feels very sturdy in my hands but when I put it on my wrist it is very light and comfortable. In fact, I quickly forgot that I was wearing the watch at all. The mineral crystal dial has held up very well and shows no signs of scratching. The case back of the watch is a stainless steel.


With loaded features like a timer, calendar, and countdown the DW6900 is a great watch for work or play. First of all, you have the signature shock resistance. That’s what makes this watch so popular. A 200 meter water resistance provides an additional layer of protection on or off shore. Functions like the 1/100 second stop watch, timer, calendar and the countdown are very handy. I find myself using the timer and stop watch all of the time.

Also, you can’t forget the EL backlight with afterglow. Afterglow is special feature with select Casio digital watches where the EL backlignt continues to shine for a second or two even after you have pressed the button. It’s an adjustable feature that makes checking the time in low light conditions very simple. The nice thing about all of these features is that they run on a tiny CR2016 battery that gets about 2 years of battery life with normal use.

Final Thoughts

After owning this watch for 1 year I find it very difficult to believe that I paid less than $50 for it. I have been using it for work the gym and everything in between. The watch has taken a beating and held up very well. I can see why this watch is often used by the military.

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Where Can I Buy the Casio DW6900 Digital Watch?

You can buy the DW6900 on Amazon. Currently the watch is offered with free shipping. I’ve done some comparison shopping and I’ve found that Amazon currently has the best deal on the Casio DW6900 digital watch. Click here to buy the DW6900 on Amazon.

Where Can I read More Casio DW6900 Digital Watch Reviews?

The best place for reviews from people like me who actually own the watch is Amazon. Right now the watch has over 50 reviews and the average customer has given the watch a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Click here to read more DW6900 reviews on Amazon.

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